Shades of Claude Rains

June 8, 2013

by Sherwood “Duke” Brooks


Oh, the outrage.  The Federal government is now gathering the cellphone records of about 100 million Americans in a “data mining” operation.  They say it’s to fight terrorism and break up potential attacks before they happen.  One must assume that the Tsarnaev brothers were not Verizon customers.

This, to many, will be the “last straw;” even ardent leftists will lose faith in their president.  The New York Times’ editorial board has (sort of) jumped ship with Chris “thrill up my leg” Matthews right behind them.  I note with an ironic smile (and no small measure of schadenfreude) that it took not one, not two, not even three scandals for this to finally, and justifiably, happen.  The progressive leftist media in America is the virtual definition of the “herd mentality,” and as goes The New York Times, so go the rest of them.

One might observe that our nation would not be enduring these scandals if the press had done their job in 2008, but, in reality, that’s water under the bridge at this point.  One might also note that the most partisan press in recent history, one that described itself as “the unofficial campaign for Barack Obama” on Ezra Klein’s Journolist, paid scant attention, if any, to Benghazi; rather, they focused all their biased attention on Mitt Romney’s (Remember him?) income tax returns.  All right, folks, break it up, move it along; nothing to see here.

These same partisan political operatives, working as journalists (as opposed to actual journalists), weren’t particularly interested in disclosing to the American people that the IRS had become the political enforcement wing of the Obama White House.  In fact, they were mostly dragged, kicking and screaming, into giving last month’s revelation of IRS criminality the coverage it deserved…until they realized that if a liberal president could aim the IRS at conservatives, a GOP White House could do the same to liberals.  Only a few of the oh-so-enlightened scribblers remembered that the second article of impeachment the House had drawn up against President Nixon in 1974 included his use of the IRS to audit a handful of his personal, not political, enemies, and they weren’t going to allow anyone or anything to connect the dots between Watergate and Obama.  Only Republicans do that sort of thing…right?

But the dam finally began to crack when the Department of Justice let slip that it had subpoenaed the phone records of a group of Associated Press reporters.  Nobody cared why Holder did it; for the first time since 2009, the White House press corps was asking pointed, outwardly hostile questions of that mendacious chump, Jay Carney, something that had never happened to Rob’t. Gibbs, Obama’s first-term mouthpiece.  Holder’s attempt to re-form his erstwhile allies with an “off-the-record” campaign event… I mean, briefing, was laughable.  When The New York Times and Fox News both send their regrets, you know something’s up.

Then, on the 69th anniversary of Operation Overlord, like an Avro Lancaster letting loose on the Edersee, the gloves came off and the White House finally realized that its “base” was scattering and running for cover while half the press in America scrambled to cancel their Verizon contracts.  One can’t help but wonder what took them so long, or how many of its 100-million customers the cellphone carrier will lose.  But, hey, who’s counting?

It’s mere conjecture as to why the “race card” hasn’t been played in the last few weeks; that’s normally the first card to be dealt, probably because it’s the last one remaining in the racialist left’s deck.  But, I digress.

Obviously, the real prejudice here rears its ugly head when alphabet network anchors and reporters look in the mirror, something they doubtless do a few thousand times each day.  Although it’s probably hard to see one’s own image when one’s head is in the sand, even casual observers and innocent bystanders are now wondering why the press has done such a quick “one-eighty.”

But there is some good news, and it has nothing to do with saving a bunch of money on car insurance.  The American people may soon encounter the all-too-obvious epiphany that Democrats cannot be trusted to formulate and implement national policy, and the nearest any of them should ever again be allowed to the White House is if they’re on a tour, or living in a Lafayette Park tent.

Matthews and his ilk are the Louis Renaults of the current landscape, shocked, shocked, to find that “their guy” is nothing more than a devious Chicago thug whose speechifying skills are top rate.  This writer, the spokesman for his local GOP committee, and a former campaigner for Herman Cain, knew that self-evident truth 5 years ago.  Pity the rest of the country, leftists included, are only realizing it now.  But, hey, the 2014 mid-terms are only 17 months away, and the GOP is waiting in the wings.  This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


The writer is the spokesman for the Sussex County Republican Committee and program director at

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