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June 21, 2013
GOP Leaders

GOP Leaders (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

by Sherwood Brooks, program director,


The GOP has an actual opportunity here, and we better not blow it.   We better make sure the American people understand that the Democrats are not fit to have their hands on the levers of government.  There’s not that much at stake, of course…just the future of our Constitutional Republic.

We’ve all heard the left lately: Benghazi is a non-issue; the IRS is a non-issue; the DOJ/AP is a non-issue; the NSA is a non-issue; Republican outcries are merely political whinings; Hillary in 2016!

Some of us actually remember 1973, the “Summer of Watergate,” when all three networks covered the hearings all day long, knocking off  As the World Turns and The Guiding Light.  Dan Rather, whose visceral hatred of President Nixon was palpable, let loose with a backhanded insult at a press conference and people were running around all over the place talking about how Ehrlichman, Haldeman, Mitchell and the president had “subverted the Constitution.”

Let’s be factual here: The “plumbers” efforts to get some dirt on Larry O’Brien’s DNC was nothing compared to what Obama and his Chicago thug buddies have done.  Even leftist historians (read: all historians) admit that Nixon himself  neither planned nor approved the break-in; it was, as usual, the cover-up that Nixon attempted that finally brought him down, to the delight of the GOP-bashing liberal reporters (read: all reporters) that worked overtime to do to Nixon and the GOP what Obama is now doing to the entire country.

Obama’s transgressions go so far beyond mere broken campaign promises and political lies that it’s not even funny.  Expanding “W’s” program to data-mine phone call records might be remotely justifiable.  But it wouldn’t be remotely necessary…if the administration had decided to take the war to the Taliban and alQueada, instead of allowing them to take their war to us.  Is this actually treason, under Art.III, sec.3?  No, but it’s at least craven incompetence under the “common sense” clause, which is so obvious that Madison didn’t bother including it in the Constitution.  The NSA is generally trustworthy; it’s their transient political bosses in the White House who aren’t.  Once Obama & Co. have that info, they can do whatever they like with it.

And a cursory glance at the IRS shows their intentions very clearly.  The Democrat party’s agenda, executed by the president’s minions and the usual inside-the-beltway suspects, is to use the apparatus of government to squash their political opposition here at home.  At least the Republicans directed their ire at foreign, not domestic, enemies.  Pity the left wouldn’t know patriotism or loyalty to America if it hit them on their thick little skulls.

The GOP shouldn’t give up on the idea that the American people know the precursors to tyranny when they see it.  Does it matter that a Republican White House could use the IRS, DOJ and NSA against the left, the same way the left is now using that alphabet soup can against Republicans and TeaParties?  If it doesn’t, there is something very, very wrong at an elemental level in America, because it should matter even more than Watergate mattered.  This Democrat administration is megalomaniacal and a quarter-of-a-notch shy of evil.

No question about it; they’re snooping on Americans and scamming Americans who campaigned against Obama.  But how does the GOP make sure America knows it?  Moreover, how do Republicans make sure every Democrat in the country is connected with Obama’s misconduct and malfeasance?  Frankly, a thorough, top-to-bottom house cleaning is needed, and the Democrats need to be shown the door.

To be sure, the mainstream media in America is already attempting to downplay these scandals after less than 72 hours of righteous indignation.  Again, it’s business as usual: Look over here, don’t look over there…the economy’s really roaring!  Leave our president alone!  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!  The Germans who didn’t show up at Brandenburg are all racists!  Hillary in 2016!  The agenda-driven, politically-motivated media will pull out all the stops to defend the president while downplaying the all-too-legitimate concerns these scandals raise.  Punching our way through the liberal media’s filter will not be easy, but, as Churchill once said, it’s not enough to do our best; we must do what’s required.

We know it’s more the message than the messenger; we forget about the sizzle if the steak’s mostly gristle.  The left is snoopin’ and scammin’…and if the electorate doesn’t recognize it, and throw these bums out, America will see an unconstitutional power grab, run out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, that will make the Watergate scandal look absurdly tame by comparison.






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